Pear mousse

Pear mousse

600 g pears
3 egg whites
100 g sugar
juice from ½ lemon
50 ml liqueur (preferably pear flavored like my favourite Maraska Kruškovac)
15 g powdered gelatin

Wash, peel and cut pears into small pieces, no matter what shape. Sprinkle with lemon juice and braise with 50 g sugar for 10 minutes, then let cool a bit and puree.
Soak gelatin in liqueur and tablespoon of water, heat till warm and add to pear puree.
Beat egg whites to soft peaks, gradually add remaining 50 g sugar and mix until shiny.
Fold in the puree, one Tbsp at time.
When the mousse starts to thicken a bit, pour into ramekins or cups.
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. If you want to serve them upside-down, like on pictures, freeze overnight and few minutes before eating put remaking into hot (not boiling) water for half a minute and flip onto plates. (if using glass dishes watch out not to break them when the temperature changes radically – better let stand for 5 minutes in room temperature b efore you start!)


  1. Not like I need to any any more desert at this time of year but this looks especially good! Good luck with the new blog!

  2. Your photos are stunning and that mousse looks so inviting.

  3. Brilliant photos... the caramel looks like shards of stained glass... recipe looks divine too!

  4. I'll give it a try immediately!

  5. That looks lovely, how many mousses does the recipe make?